BioScotia Technologies Inc. is a Nova Scotia-based Canadian Corporation, offering a wide range of products and business consulting services to Lifescience, Medtech and Cleantech Industry . 


BioScotia Technologies, is proud to be serving the Canadian research community and to be working along in their endavour to continue discovering the mysteries of mother nature and to contribute to the well-being of all lives and to the future of our wonderful planet!


We offer a specialized portfolio of Lifescience research products used in a wide range of applications including, Liquid Handling devices, Volumetric Glassware and Plasticware, Vaccum Pumps for all laboratory applications and specialized products for Plant Tissue Culture, Animal breeding and fertility, Lab Animal health monitoring, development of Biologics and Cell Therapies, New Drug discovery, Regenerative medicine, Cell and Tissue transportation systems, 3D Cell Culture and Tissue engineering. The company is also in the process of launching some of the latest technologies in improving Indoor Air Quality & in Surface Disinfection.

Business Consulting 

We work with Lifescience, Medtech and Cleantech SME companies that are looking for business management or marketing support through industry-experienced professionals, who would help them design, develop, and implement an effective marketing and distribution strategy that could deliver their short-term and long-term business goals, especially in Canada and in the high growth as well as emerging markets in Asia and Africa.

BioScotia Technologies offers customized short-term as well as long-term engagement solutions through business support processes tailored around the specific needs of our clients. We work along closely with our clients and are committed to providing prompt and consistently highest level of quality services, which includes hand-holding and walking alongside our clients with their projects to help them meet their desired goals.


Lifescience & Biotech  Research

We work with manufacturers of Lifesciences Reagents, Assays, Kits, Antibodies, Proteins, Genomics & Proteomics Sample Preps, Media, Labware and advanced Lab Automation technologies for Medical Research, Drug Discovery, Stem Cell, Veterinary, Agriculture, Food and Environmental Research. We have extensive experience supporting customers working with a wide range of technologies such as Live Cell Imaging, Cell-Based Assays, Proteomics tools, immunoassays & multiplexing detection technologies such as FACS & xMAP platforms, tools for Gene editing, delivery & Gene expression, FISH, Epigenetics & Cancer Biology, Neuroscience, Metabolomics, 2D & 3D Cell Culture, Toxicology, Pharmacology, ADME, Plant Tissue Culture, Agriculture, Veterinary & Aquaculture Research 

Bioprocess & Biologics Research

Our clients include companies offering specialized technologies for Upstream and Downstream Bioprocess, tools for Assay development, Cryopreservation & Biobanking, Tissue Engineering and Bioprinting, Contamination detection and management, Process Validation, and Quality Management. We have experience with advanced technologies for protein conformational analysis, in-process quality control and sterilization, bulk API and excepient supplies, adjuvant technologies, and vaccine development. 

Medical Devices &  Healthcare Technologies 

We have extensive experience with technologies that significantly improve heathcare and help ensure safer indoor environment. We support technologies that better indoor air quality(IAQ) & provide surface disinfection. We provide business consulting services for a wide range of solutions used for Diagnostics both in Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories & Point-of-care Diagnostics. We are well-versed in marketing of products and services based on advanced invitro technologies such as xMAP, FACS, Lab-on-Chip, Real-time Molecular Diagnostics kits, Immunoassays, Chemiluminescence and Bioluminescence assays, Cell Imaging and digital microscopy, RT-PCR, End-point PCR, DNA sequencing such as NGS,  HLA Tissue Typing, Prenatal Cell-free DNA & NIPT,   Blood screening banking, Infectious Disease, Drug monitoring & Therapy Management, and many more...