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Male Fertility & Semen Quality Biomarker

proAKAP4 as a biomarker has been described for years in male fertility dysfunction studies. Any modification of proAKAP4 expression during spermatogenesis or modification in its metabolism will have consequences on sperm motility, hyper motility, sperm capacitation and then fertility (Delehedde et al., 2019). Measuring expression and levels of concentrations of proAKAP4 in semen appears today an interesting approach to evaluate semen quality in males infertility disorders.

In mammals, proAKAP4 and AKAP4 are both specifically localized to the fibrous sheath of the principal piece of the flagellum and are largely known to be involved in the flagellum structure and sperm motility (Sergeant et al., 2019) 

4BioDx offers ready-to-use ELISA kits and Antibodies for quantitative detection and analysis of proAKAP4/AKAP4 in farm animals, lab animals, companian animals and in humans.  All products are for Research Use Only.

Assay Applications :

Selecting semen before cryopreservation / predict    post-thaw motility

A functional approach in semen analysis and fullfilling the need for control quality.

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