Supplier Partners

Prevalidated Antibodies, Proteins and Assays supplies high-quality biological reagents to life science researchers at cost-effective prices. Headquartered in Cambridge (UK), the company supports life scientists worldwide by supplying the same high-quality products as the industry leading suppliers, that are sourced from the same primary manufacturers, but at more affordable prices. 

We can support your research with high-quality and characterised research tools, expert customer service, detailed product datasheets, and fast global delivery. Our growing product range caters for every discipline and includes: primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, proteins and peptides, immunoassays and kits, and other companion products. 

Cell Transportation & Storage at Ambient Temperature

A ground-breaking solution for cell preservation!

Cell-based therapies face even greater logistics challenges. Cells as therapies must arrive at the bedside with full efficacy and with no impact on patient safety, yet most autologous therapies cannot be frozen and must be delivered fresh. The consequences are very short shelf lives, measured in hours. Thawed cell therapies need time in culture to regain full efficacy, with serious consequences for logistics and cGMP challenges. The Atelerix technology provides an innovative solution for storing and transporting cells and tissues at room temperature. These products consistently deliver viable, functional cells in a range of user-friendly formats. Our technology consistently outperforms short term cryopreservation on both cell yield and cell viability thus removing variability in cell recovery, ensuring predictable yields. Atelerix's technology is well poised to revolutionise cold-chain supply logistics of biological material.

Fluorescent Peptide Substrates for Enzyme Activity Assays

AssayQuant’s patented PhosphoSens® Technology forms the basis of its extensive portfolio of more than 400 unique enzyme and inhibitor assays. Each assay features novel sensor-peptide substrates available in the form of a kit or bulk sensor-peptide and as a family of related standalone reagents, each component is tested carefully to ensure that it is optimized for use in the applicable assay.  

Liquid Handling Devices & Labware

As leading German Liquid Handling manufacturer, BRAND sets the standard for quality to achieve precise and reliable results. For more than 70 years, BRAND has been a trusted partner in the laboratory, and a world market leader in liquid handling systems and life science products such as micropipettes, bottle-top dispensers, liquid dispensers, volumetric labware, micro-cuvettes and labware consumables. The BRANDTECH®, the US division or BRAND Group, offers BRAND®, VACUUBRAND®, and VITLAB® range of laboratory equipment. BRAND Group products are manufactured in Germany with the highest standards for quality and service. All liquid handling products are backed by globally accepted quality certifications and calibration validation data.

GMP Grade Recombinant Proteins & Nucleic Acids for mRNA Synthesis

Croyez offers GMP grade Recombinant Proteins, mRNA synthesis and Allergens. The products are also offered in bulk as raw materials for biologics and vaccine development, and for use in lifescience research and Invitro Diagnostic Assay Development. The product line includes GMP grade recombinant proteins such as Interleukenes, GM-CSF, Interferon,TNF, TGF,Activin A, TPO(Thrombopoietin)  and full range of mRNA synthesis nucleotides such as NTP, ATP,UTP,CTP, GTP and T7 RNA Polymerases. Croyez also provides an extensive range of Allegens and corresponding IgE antibodies.

GMP Grade Collagenase Enzymes

As the world’s largest collagenase manufacturer, Nordmark Pharma operates a production plant specifically built for collagenase manufacturing purposes. This campus is located in Uetersen near Hamburg, Germany.

Since 2002, Nordmark Pharma has been producing different grades of Collagenase NB products, which are particularly suitable for cell isolation from various tissues. These isolated cells are then used for numerous clinical and research applications. To meet the required stringent specifications, Nordmark Pharma produces Collagenase NB in a facility specially constructed and qualified only for this purpose. All production steps take place in compliance with current international GMP guidelines.

Nordmark Pharma offers collagenase products as biochemicals (Collagenase NB) for use in analytical and tissue engineering applications.

Biomarkers for Male Fertility Research

proAKAP4 as a biomarker has been described for years in male fertility dysfunction studies. Any modification of proAKAP4 expression during spermatogenesis or modification in its metabolism will have consequences on sperm motility, hyper motility, sperm capacitation and then fertility (Delehedde et al., 2019). Measuring expression and levels of concentrations of proAKAP4 in semen appears today an interesting approach to evaluate semen quality in males infertility disorders. 

4BioDx offers ready-to-use  ELISA kits and Antibodies for quantitative detection and analysis of proAKAP4/AKAP4 in farm animals, lab animals, companian animals and in humans. Products are for RUO.

Sentinel Assays-Lab Animal Health Monitoring

BTP offers a complete range of Sentinel  Kits both  in ELISA as well as in SMART-SPOT  Panel Assay format  for detection of viral infections in Lab Animals such as Mouse, Rat, Primates(Simian). The products are for Research Use Only and produced in USFDA and USDA registered facility in the United States

Single Domain Antibody (sdAb)

Single domain antibody (sdAb), also called nanobodies, are the next-generation antibodies. SdAbs only have a single variable domain located on a heavy chain, and yet boost many advantages as compared to conventional antibodies.


Advantages of sdAbs:

·   Simple architecture

·   High thermal and chemical stability

·   Good solubility

·   High tissue penetration ability

·   Easy modularity

·   High affinity and specificity for their cognate target

·   Easy to scale up production


sdAbs are becoming a key component in a variety of areas of research, such as medical diagnosis, therapy, precision medicine, and basic research. Let us help in your search for your desired sdAbs. 

We offer the following products & services:

1.   sdAbs discovery services (Immunized and naïve libraries)

2.   sdAbs-based research reagents (Catague products)

3D & 2D Cell Culture & Bioprinting

Advanced BioMatrix is a leader in the life science of three dimensional (3D) applications for tissue culture, cell assay, bioprinting and cell proliferation having extensive expertise in production, isolation, purification, lyophilization, cell culture and testing of proteins, adhesion peptides, attachment factors, bioinks, substrate rigidity, and other 3D matrix products. The company offers a wide range of ECMs and other matrices for surface coating for cell culture labware such as Collagen, Hydrogels, Hyaluronic Acid and derivatives, Tissue Engineering and Bioprinting bioinks, Assays and Reagents for a wide range of Cell & Tissue Culture research applications.

Plant Tissue Culture Tools & Media

Plant Cell Technology develops, produces innovative solutions for plant tissue culture operations globally. Our well-researched, certified, and trusted products to keep your cultures healthy,contamination-free. PTC also provides productivity tools that significantly improves micropropgation yields and reduce costs. 

Top selling Products include:

Antibodies,Proteins & Assay Kits for Animal Model Research

Kingfisher Biotech is a US based manufacturer of Lifescience research tools such as Antibodies, Recombinant Proteins, Reagents, Assays and ELISA kits for a wide range of animal models such as for 

Air Purification & Surface Disinfection 

USFDA cleared, science backed, tested, and real-world proven, illumiPure® products are an effective solution to improve overall health and reduce the risk of disease transmission amidst the most at-risk public spaces. With its patented human centric technologies, high integrity fixtures, and state-of-the-art monitoring application, illumiPure’s Pure Wellness Suite™represents the highest standard of healthy surface and air disinfection products with air quality monitoring and control available today.